Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tomato Saaru(The Traditional Konkani Style)

Konkani tomato saaru is prepared unlike the regular rasam, wherein, we use tuvar dal as the main ingredient. This particular recipe contains coconut and other ingredients to add thickness to the saaru(indian soup). The saaru has in it, a variety of spices in the right proportion, which, because of their nutritive value, keep the digestive system in order and also give a wonderful flavour to the concoction. You could savour it by mixing it with rice or drink it up like an appetizer. Do try it out and give me your feedback!
Ingredients Used:
Methi(Fenugreek seeds)- 4-5
Jeera(Cumin seeds) Double the quantity of methi seeds- use the discretion of your eyes. It does not have to be the exact amount in number.
Coriander seeds(Four times the quantity of Jeera seeds)- i.e., about a handful.
Red chillies- 4-6.
Tamarind- about the size of a small lemon.
Grated coconut- 2-3 tablespoons.
Tomatoes- 3 of medium size.
Sugar or jaggery- 1 and a 1/2 tsp.
Ghee- 2 tsp.
Mustard seeds: 1/2 tsp.
Curry leaves- 1 sprig.
Salt and asafoetida to taste
Coriander leaves, for garnishing.
Time taken: 20 minutes
Serving Size: 4-6 people
Method of Preparation:
Roast the methi, jeera and coriander seed in a small pan with very little oil, on low flame, till the spices give out their aroma. Roast the red chillies in the very same pan until they turn light brown and appear to be a little crispy. Doing this should not take you more than half a minute. Take care that the red chillies do not turn black(get burnt). To this, add a pinch of hing or asafoetida. Wait to cool. In the meanwhile, puree the tomatoes in a blender and transfer it into the container in which you plan to prepare the rasam. Add some water depending on how thick you want the rasam to turn out. Then, grind the roasted spices along with the coconut grating and tamarind to a fine paste. Pour this into the tomato water and add salt+sugar. Sugar could be replaced with jaggery for authentic taste. Bring to boil on high flame and then simmer the flame to cook for 10 minutes. The final touches are given to this yummy rasam by sputtering mustard seeds in ghee and adding curry leaves as well as hing into it and seasoning the rasam with the mix. Garnish with coriander leaves....

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